Weekly Schedule

You can BEGIN TODAY! Come wearing some comfortable gym shoes, pants and a light shirt. The cost per class is $5-$7 drop in or with Gym membership, $4-$5 each. Walk in and you can START shaping up immediately 🙂 We look forward to meeting you!  **punch cards also available


  • 9:30am – Zumba with Winnie – A slower take on a Zumba class!
  • 5:30pm – Class Combo – A 2-part Class: First 1/2 hour is an energy-filled cardio Zumba Class! 2nd  30 min is Tabata (interval training) taking 4 exercises targeting different muscle groups and performing them in intervals. Effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.


  • 9:30am Zumba Gold – A little shorter, more modified version of a Basic Class. Excellent place to start Zumba or just to start your day!       
  • 5:30pm Zumba Toning – A different approach to the calorie scorching Zumba Class with adding weighted sticks and more fitness moves like squats, lunges, weighted arm motions and abs! Also 10 min of just ab work at the end. *Sticks can be rented or purchased from the Club.


  • 5:30pm Zumba Hour – This is a fun-filled 1 hour Dance/Work-out party! Super fun music and movement that leaves your muscles burning and your energy soaring! You’ll walk out leaving your stress behind you and looking forward to the next Class!


  • 9:30am Zumba Gold (see Tuesday’s description)
  • 5:30pm Trampoline & Strength -Using mini-trampolines and alternating with light weights we jump and lift for a phenomenally fun and body-transforming 1-Hour!


  • 8:30am Burst & Strength – Imagine a class that just covers it all… this is IT! Forget the coffee, the Interval Bursts with spliced in Dance moves and Weight work will give you an all-day energy and 2-day muscle burn!

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